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Zero Food Waste Foundation

Eliminating food insecurity and tackling climate change, one meal at a time


Our Motto

Zero Food Waste Foundation is a Canadian non-profit organization that believes in a sustainable world. We aim to alleviate hunger and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by redirecting excess food from food donors and bakeries to those in need.

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Volunteers are the backbone of Zero Food Waste Canada. As a volunteer, you will be interacting with our business partners, collecting food, and distributing it to humanitarian agencies. We have two volunteering positions: volunteer drivers and event volunteers.


Food Donors

We partner with local food donors which contribute their excess food. We work together to create a pickup schedule that works for you, and schedule volunteers to pick up the food and distribute it to partner humanitarian agencies. We are excited to partner with you, and could not be more thankful for your contributions.

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We redirect the food we collect to our partner humanitarian agencies and shelters. We work together to create a drop-off schedule that works best for you.


Zero Food Waste Canada is grateful to be a registered non-profit!

NPO Number: 1366354-0

Food Fund (Hamilton, ON)


Maverick's Donut Company (Ottawa, ON)


Infarm (Hamilton, ON)


Crave Cupcakes & Community Natural Foods (Calgary, AB)


Caffiend (Edmonton, ON)


We are always looking for partners! If you are interested, please reach out!

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Check out the latest expansion of Zero Food Waste Foundation...

Kingston, ON!

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