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Our Outlook

We believe in a sustainable world where every individual, regardless of social factors, has access to nutritious food. It is our collective actions that make this attainable.

The Founders


Ashar Siddiqui

Co-Founder & Co-Chair,

Zero Food Waste Foundation

Ashar is a medical student at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada.


He is passionate about cancer research and addressing health inequities. In his free time, Ashar enjoys road trips, going to the gym, and video editing!

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Fatima Saleem

Co-Founder & Co-Chair,

Zero Food Waste Foundation

Fatima is a medical student at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada.


She is passionate about removing barriers to health and well-being. In her free time, she loves boxing, working out, and spending time with family and friends. 


Haris Ahmad

Co-Founder, Zero Food Waste Foundation

Co-President, Calgary Branch

Haris is a fourth year Kinesiology student at University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


He is passionate about food insecurity, social justice and equalizing opportunities in education. In his free-time he loves to play basketball, read and watch movies (except horror).


The problem

Hunger and climate change is partly a logistics problem involving ineffective redistribution of excess food.

our solution

Zero Food Waste Canada connects businesses with excess food to individuals and families who need it most. We facilitate the rescue and re-distribution of excess food from food providers, including restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and catering companies, and provide it to disadvantaged communities.


Our core values


We believe in diverting waste to reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions associated with food waste. Together, we hope to create a sustainable future.


We value and strive to maintain an inclusive organization, welcoming people of all backgrounds and experiences.


We are committed to making an impact within the local and global communities we serve. We give ourselves and our time towards a cause we truly believe in.

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